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Katie + Todd

Wedding days are stressful enough, but Katie and Todd had to deal with more worries than most. Just like through our incredibly quick engagement session, we were facing some bad weather! A tropical storm was forecast to hit directly the morning of their wedding and we were in for heavy rains and winds. I promised Katie I was going to be there and my second photographer, Dayna, had no qualms facing some dreary weather!

When we pulled up we sloshed through a good couple of inches of standing water and unloaded our stuff! I know Katie and Toddy wanted an outside wedding but the inside of Lewiswood could not have been more beautiful. They managed a rustic but classic look with gold trimmed plates and bouquets with deep red roses. Even if we had to take all our images inside, we would have a beautiful background to take them. And Katie and Todd could not have had a more supportive and kind wedding party. I wanted to take Katie's bridesmaids everywhere with me, they were such beautiful, sweet girls.

Magically, the rain disappeared right before the ceremony, and the sun was actually coming through the trees. We had perfect light for our after ceremony images!

Thank you Katie and Todd for choosing me to capture the beginning of your story. I hope you enjoy my favorites from this day as much as I do.

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