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Jacob and Virginia

Jacob and Virginia had a beautiful church wedding surrounded by their loved ones. One of the most special moments of the day was when they played the video of Jacob's proposal. He took her flying and asked her to marry him in the air. I absolutely loved this idea! It always amazes me of the creative and thoughtful ways the bride and groom try to share their love with their guests. Lots of love and care was also shown by their family who pitched in in so many ways. I loved the homemade pies they made for Pi Day! This sweet couple deserved the most special day and their loved ones worked hard to make it happen!

Ceremony: First Baptist Church of Perry

Dress: Vocelles Bridal Suits: Menguin Second Photographer: Dayna Lenk Video: Joseph Duggar, Cowen Kilpatrick Duggar Food: Livingston’s Smokehouse Cake: Pink Box Bakery Donuts: Johnson’s Bakery Tables and Chairs: A-Z Rental Floral: Rain Train Stop Flower Shop Coordinators: Sabrina Geunthener, Kay-Kenneth Dudley DJ: Mike Appleby Hair: Kathy Aman Decor Coordinator: Susie Bodiford Officiant: Steven Ruff

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